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Real Estate Agent Horn Lake MS

Real estate agents are an indispensable resource when buying a home or real estate. They have a network of information and contacts to help you find the perfect property and can negotiate deals and contracts efficiently. To learn more, check the real estate listings and information below.

Reeves Williams Builders
(662) 393-1999
1300 We Ross Pkwy W
Southaven, MS

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Mississippi Realty & Appraisal
(662) 349-8995
7160 Tchulahoma Rd
Southaven, MS

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Lurie and Associates, LLC
(901) 794-6022
3120 South Perkins, Suite 303
Memphis, TN
First National Realty
(662) 895-0885
5600 Goodman Rd Ste A
Olive Branch, MS

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Brookstone Realty Incorporated
(662) 895-2664
7155 Kerr Pl
Olive Branch, MS

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Re/Max Advantage
(662) 536-3544
1630 Goodman Rd E
Southaven, MS

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Center/Nonconnah Holdings LLC
(901) 345-2520
2598 Corporate Avenue, Ste #100
Memphis, TN
Winchase Realty
(662) 890-9463
8900 College St
Olive Branch, MS

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Kelly Co Inc
(662) 895-4036
6208 Hwy 305 N
Olive Branch, MS

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Magnolia Properties Lp
(662) 895-3829
8544 Caroma St Ste 14
Olive Branch, MS

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How to Purchase a Home

Tips for Successfully
Purchasing A Home

home remodeling articles and tips

By Kathy Hester

When we purchased our first home, there was so much paperwork to fill out! But not just at closing, but paperwork leading up to the closing of the house as well. Loan papers, various applications, and other forms just kept piling up. Looking back at it all, that paperwork was the least of our worries. There are many other important items to keep in mind when purchasing your first home. Here are few tips to keep in mind when for successfully purchasing a first home.

Have money saved for a down payment. The more money you save towards a down payment for a home, the less money you will need to take out from a lender. Having a cash down payment is also enticing to the seller and shows how motivated you are to buy a home. You instantly acquire equity in the home with a cash down payment. By reserving a small amount of the money you saved, you can even make any updates or renovations with the home as soon as you move in.

Shop around for mortgages. There are special programs for first-time home buyers, where you will be able to receive affordable loans. Even if you are not a first-time home buyer, you may be eligible for other certain programs from various lenders. It is important to look around for deals and specials with regards to home mortgages before just choosing one lender.

Once you have narrowed your home selection down, make sure you have your future home inspected. By having someone assess the condition of your home, you may be surprised at what an inspector has to find.

There may be unsafe structures, such as the old back porch or the overhang over the front door. It is important to have an inspection as you would not want to be surprised as new owners of the home to be handing over lots of money for these repairs. Once the home is inspected, quite often the current owners will make the repairs or you give you an allotted amount of money as ...

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