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Mortgages Morristown TN

Looking for information on Mortgages in Morristown? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Morristown that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find information on Mortgages in Morristown.

First Horizon Home Loan Corporation
(423) 585-5209
1112 W 1St North St
Morristown, TN
Family First Mortgage Corp
(423) 318-8485
208 Shaver Drive Suite-3
Talbott, TN
Amsouth Bank
(423) 475-3861
222 E Broadway Blvd
Jefferson City, TN
Hamblen County Bank
(423) 585-0111
1908 West Andrew Johnson Highway
Mortgage Brokers

(423) 586-3521
1329 West Andrew Johnson Highway
Mortgage Brokers

Ark-la-tex Financial Services LLC
(214) 420-2700
512 Oak St
Morristown, TN
America's Mortgage Broker LLC
(865) 674-7578
1639 Talbott Kansas Rd
Talbott, TN
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
(423) 586-6734
4780 West Andrew Johnson Highway
Mortgage Brokers

Heartland Title Services Inc
(423) 586-5322
1830 Country Club Drive
Morristown, TN
Regency Finance Comany
(423) 586-4365
1018 West 1st North Street
Mortgage Brokers

5 Mortgage Tips For 2012

Written by Matthew C. Keegan  //  2012/02/02  //  Financing  //  No comments


Not all homeowners will renovate their homes, with some people choosing to upgrade to a new home instead of undertaking a time-consuming and costly renovation. With home prices down nearly across the board, buying a home now can be a sensible alternative to renovating your current residence.

Just like seeking a home improvement loan , there are some things you should be aware of when seeking a mortgage. We’ll already assume that you have good credit as reflected in your current credit score . If not, then buying a new home now should take a back seat to remedying your credit.

1. What you can afford — You’ll be selling one house to buy another one, but can you afford to pay two mortgages if your current house doesn’t sell? The home you want could be a steal or it may end up being a financial albatross around your neck if you must carry two mortgages. Be realistic about your finances and take into consideration certain worst case scenarios including an unsold home and a loss of income.

2. Be ready to move forward — Once you’ve decided to buy a home and have applied for a mortgage, you’ll want to quickly gather together your paperwork. This means copying the last two years of your tax returns, pulling together your W2 forms, making copies of your bank statements and submitting whatever other paperwork is required. Why the need for speed? For two reasons — nervous homeowners want to know that you are mortgage-ready before proceeding and mortgage interest rates can change if you dally. At the moment, rates are historically low, but financial problems in Europe, America’s debt problems and other local, national and global tensions could quickly drive rates up.

3. The long and short of loan terms — Do you really want or need to finance for 30 years? If you’ve owned you home for many years, you may feel as if you’re starting over with a 30-year mortgage. As long as you have plenty of equity built up in the home that you are selling and/or have other money to bring to the table, there is no reason why a 15-year loan can’t do it for you. You’ll enjoy a slightly lower interest rate and be done with your mortgage sooner. Some lenders offer 5-, 10- and 20-year mortgages too. Find one that meets your needs — obtain the best mortgage deal that you can.

4. Follow through on your application — Mortgage lending has tightened considerably in recent years, which means that some people with good credit are not getting approved for a home loan. If one lender turns you down, don’t assume another lender will do likewise. Explain your situation to a prospective lender and be honest why your application elsewhere was rejected. That information is readily available anyway, therefore take the intiative and see your loan application throug...

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