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Lighting Design Fountain CO

Changing the lighting scheme is one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to transform the look and feel of any home. Preview a few different lighting designs and consult designers to pick the right mood and setting for your home. Learn more about lighting design by checking the listings and information below.

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The Wirenut
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Fountain Valley Electric
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Bob Cox Electric Inc
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Home Remodeling Tip: Home Lighting

Using Light to Decorate the Home

home remodeling articles and tips

topic: home lighting
by Alayna Buckner


Light Up Your Home Lighting Style

Do you want to give your house a major facelift--without the cost, hassle, and stress of major renovation?  Consider a lighting lift. New lighting can revolutionize the look of a room, and if done with your whole house in mind, it can make your home feel warmer, cozier and more put together.

Green Lighting

A new trend in lighting technology is energy efficient lighting. Green lighting doesn't mean green--it means saving you some green. Energy efficient home lighting is cheaper than normal lighting--so it can cut your electricity bills significantly.

Soft Lighting

Basically, florescent lighting is out. (Although, was it ever really in?). Soft, mood lighting is in. Light fixtures that allow you to dim the lights help create the right atmosphere and bulbs made specifically for home lighting help as well.

Track Lighting

Instead of having one major lighting fixture in the middle of a room--a chandelier, a fan with light bulbs, one major lamp, you should consider track lighting or multiple, smaller lights all the way around the room. This lighting technology gives you many more options about where to shine lamps and how bright to make them.


It may seem too obvious, but its not. Finding the right lamp lighting for a room is an important task: the lamp should contri...

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