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Landscaping Services Missoula MT

Landscaping services can help transform your lawn and backyard into works of living art and help install or cultivate functional features to accommodate pets or electrical outlets. Check below for landscaping services listings and information.

Billie Gray Landscape Design, LLC.
(406) 543-3480
1558 S 6TH St W
Missoula, MT

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Treasure State Tree Service Inc
(406) 240-4095
P.O. 1435
Missoula, MT
Mecklenburg Gardens
(406) 585-9529
Bozeman, MT
Peaks & Prairies GCSA
(406) 434-5168
P.O. Box 348
Shelby, MT
New West Landscapes
(406) 595-0123
Bozeman, MT

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Phase Three, LLC
(406) 529-0914
1807 Missoula Ave
Missoula, MT
Roots Landscape LLC
(406) 396-3841
PO BOX 4353
Missoula, MT
Glacier Nursery
(406) 755-2248
Kalispell, MT
Lawyer Nursery
(406) 826-3881
Plains, MT
Nature's Enhancement
(406) 777-3560
Stevensville, MT
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Home Remodeling Tip: Garden Care

Having Fun In Your Garden

home remodeling articles and tips

topic: garden maintenance
by Mary B

The Dirt on Garden Care

More than 75 percent of Americans dig gardening, according to the National Garden Association. With that hobby comes regular garden maintenance, whether you're growing vegetables or flowers, tending to trees or planting habitats to attract butterflies or hummingbirds. If you remember a few essential gardening tips, garden care is far more pleasure than work.

Garden Care Basics

  • Mulch soil around perennials, trees, and shrubs to limit weed growth and retain moisture. Leaves from your yard are a great, free source of organic matter.
  • Create planting beds; smaller ones are easier to maintain. Use stepping stones in larger beds.
  • Plant self-sowing annuals. Deadhead perennials. Choose native and disease-resistant plants.
  • Learn to proper pruning techniques. Prune in late winter and early spring when you don't have other gardening chores.
  • Begin weeding early in the season and do a little every day so that it doesn't become an overwhelming chore. 
  • Group plants according to their water needs, and water deeply. 

Use Great Garden Tools

Garden tools keep improving--and the latest and greatest make garden maintenance a breeze. Consider using clutter-eliminating multi-tools. You can get an extended-reach power pruner, hedge trimmer, line trimmer, and lawn edger all in one, or a trowel outfitted with such...

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Home Remodeling Tip: Garden Decor

Decorating Your Garden

home remodeling articles and tips

topic: outside garden decor
by Mary B

Garden Décor Takes Inside Outside

Step outside and instantly expand your living space. With the right garden decorations and accessories, outdoor spaces can become second living rooms, where you can relax with a book or entertain family and friends. Patio furnishings and heaters, fire pits, stone birdbaths, wind chimes, mosaic stepping stones, and garden containers are just a few of the accents that can make your backyard and garden stand out.

Decorate with Garden Containers

Garden containers are an easy, natural, and beautiful decorative addition to your outdoor living space. Cluster pots together. Plant them with vegetables, topiaries, native grasses, colorful flowers, or herbs you can cook with. Place garden containers throughout the yard, garden, and patio. They come in all sizes, shapes, and a variety of materials, including resin, styrin, and foam, which are made to look like their terra cotta and ceramic counterparts but are significantly lighter and easier to move.

Make the Outdoors Feel like Home

When you walk through the door to your garden, carry the colors and themes from inside your home outside. Make yourself comfortable. Add cushions to chairs. Shade your seating area with a large, canvas umbrella. Burn garden torches and citronella candles to create atmosphere and keep bugs at bay. Hang decorative ceramic art...

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Preparing Your Home for Autumn

Preparing Your Outdoor
Area for Autumn

home remodeling articles and tips

by Ann Martin

As the seasons change, we must change with them. The same goes for our house and any outdoor area we may have. Since there is no getting around the seasons, it important to prepare not only our house, but our outdoor space as well. Most of us still want to enjoy our garden and/or patio area so by doing these preparations in advance we can enjoy those fall evenings a bit longer.

Start Now for A Healthy Spring Lawn

Autumn is an ideal time to patch up any bald spots in your lawn. Depending where you live, you still have about 6-8 weeks before the first frost and you would be able to lay some seed down now and have it to start germinating in time. If you do not need to patch, laying down a simple fertilizer will give your lawn the proper nutrients it needs throughout the cold winter months, so you will be able to have the lush green lawn come spring time.

Tidy Up Your Landscaping

Start by trimming back any grasses, other plants, or shrubs that have grown like weeds during those summer months. Having that more groomed look with your landscaping, signals the season change for you and your plants. Turn over mulched areas as well. Not only will it look like you have remulched, but will better showcase your plants and flowers.

Speaking of flowers, now is the time to decide which fall plants or flowers you would like to plant and liven up your outdoor area. Mums just symbolize autumn and come in so many rich and vibrant colors!

Now, when putting in your favorite fall flowers, you can easily replant the flowers you currently have in those and bring them indoors when the cooler weather approaches.

If you have trees in your outdoor living space, more than likely some leaves have been already falling. Go ahead and rake your lawn and make sure to get rid of leaves that may be hiding under bushes and low-lying plants or trees.

Keep the Birds Singing

Event though cooler winds are starting to blow, try not to forget about the birds. Clean out any bird baths you may have and replace with fresh water as often as you can. Make sure all your birdfeeders are kept filled, as birds are getting themselves ready for winter as well (which means that eat more right now!) Try stuffing an empty 2 liter soda bottle with cotton, twigs, small pieces of cloth. Cut a decent-sized hole on the side of the soda bottle, so that birds are able to pull out what m...

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