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Kitchen Remodeling Fountain CO

Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to create space, add color and character, or just update with a couple of nice countertops. Depending on the size of the project, you can do it yourself or seek professional help. Check the listings and information below for more on kitchen remodeling.

Beckony Kitchens and Baths
(719) 635-4444
518 S. Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, CO
Hydock Drywall LLC
(719) 499-2875
526 Williams Ave
Colorado Springs, CO
Dakota Kitchens LLC
(719) 635-1972
912 N Circle Dr
Colorado Springs, CO
Plum Creek Kitchens
(719) 636-9360
2478 Waynoka RD
Colorado Springs, CO
Kitchen Tune Up of Colorado Springs
(719) 522-1022
905 F Garden of the Gods Road
Colorado Springs, CO
Builders Custom Counter
(719) 573-6179
4735 Town Center Dr
Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs Marble and Granite
(719) 329-0276
1010 Transit Dr.
Colorado Springs , CO
Kitchens & Baths By B & J
(719) 633-1984
912 N Circle Dr
Colorado Springs, CO
Kitchen Tune Up
(719) 522-1022
905 Garden Of The Gods Rd
Colorado Springs, CO
Counters Plus Inc
(719) 594-0735
155 Mt View Ln
Colorado Springs, CO

Home Remodeling Tip: Kitchen Remodeling

Reinvent Your Kitchen with
New Kitchen Cabinets

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topic: kitchen cabinets
by Jami J. Rodgers

A home's kitchen can be the focal point of a home.

Families come together in the kitchen to cook and discuss the day's events. Kitchen remodeling projects are popular because they can immediately increase the comfort and spaciousness of this important room.

While a kitchen remodeling project can have homeowners tearing out floors and replacing appliances, a project as simple as kitchen cabinet refacing can have an immediate effect on your kitchen's spaciousness, utility, and beauty. Here are the basics behind kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets: Traditional or Contemporary?

When choosing the style of cabinet for a kitchen cabinet refacing project, homeowners should keep future kitchen remodeling plans in mind.

If you aspire towards a sleek, fresh look, choose contemporary cabinetry that will fit your plans:

  • Modern kitchen cabinets use metal and glass materials to provide a cutting-edge look
  • French Country cabinets are another popular choice, fitting best in a kitchen with a lot of vertical space

If your goal is a traditional look, a variety of cabinet refacing options are available:

  • Shaker cabinets feature a recessed middle panel, surrounded by an outer frame
  • Country cabinets offer a simpler style than Shaker, foregoing ornate edgework

Consider Materials in Kitchen Remodeling Proj...

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