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Junk Removal Mentor OH

Looking for Junk Removal in Mentor? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Mentor that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Junk Removal in Mentor.

Professional House Cleaning Services, Inc
(440) 729-7866
8228 Mayfield Road #6B-3
Chesterland, OH

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TBGR Carpet Cleaning
(440) 942-3732
7323 Erie Dr
Mentor, OH
Hawkins Cleaning Services
(440) 255-4960
8920 Trotter Ln
Mentor, OH
Sparkle Wash
(440) 255-6430
8311 Edgewood Rd
Mentor, OH
Ray's Septic Tank Cleaning
(440) 255-4494
8903 Schaeffer St
Mentor, OH
Blueknight Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners
(440) 257-4174
8769 Hilltop Dr
Mentor, OH
Bill's Janitorial Service Inc
(440) 257-2838
5662 Walnut St
Mentor, OH
Revive IT LLC
(440) 946-3405
7160 Allendale Dr
Mentor, OH
Kelley's Cleaning Services
(440) 918-0778
7575 Tyler Blvd Ste B1
Mentor, OH
Flood Squad-Emergency Water Damage Cleanup Service & Sewage Extraction Restoration Co
8681 Twin Brook Rd.
Mentor, OH

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Garage Clean Up and Junk Removal

Written by Matthew C. Keegan  //  2012/02/13  //  Garage  //  No comments


Garages, particularly those that are attached to houses tend to get crowded with junk, with little to no room for cars. Somehow, we’ve turned a garage’s original purpose of temporary car storage into permanent junk storage, storing all kinds of stuff inside, including things no one needs.

You can free your garage of junk and win the clutter battle. Let’s take a look at how you can clean up your garage and get rid of the junk.

Pick and Choose

Start going through everything that is in your garage, putting everything into one of three categories: stuff you must keep, things you can throw out and items you can sell. Begin to consider where you’ll store the things you want — plan on disposing of everything else.

Yard Sale

Everything that you plan to sell should be reserved for a yard sale. Yes, you could hold that sale in the garage, but remember your garage is full. Besides, getting it out of the garage means it won’t ever return…right?!

After the sale, avoid putting anything back in the garage that remained unsold. Contact charities that would be willing to take your stuff and either drop everything off or schedule a pickup. Get a receipt for your donation and put in your file for your this year’s tax return that you’ll be filing next year.

Toss It

Not everything in your garage can be sold or donated. A broken item should be trashed, but if that item is particularly large or odd-sized, then your regular trash pickup may not take it.

Some communities will pick up your outsized trash and dispose it for a fee. Contact your town’s Department of Public Works and learn how your item(s) can be removed. You may need to put it at the curb the day before its scheduled pickup.

Clean and Organize

With your garage now free of clutter, you’ll need to put everything else in its place. Garage ...

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