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An interior designer can help put a brand new face on the inside of a home, and transform the form and function of entire household. Check the listings and information below for more on interior designers.

Real Estate Staging, Residential Redesign, Retail Visual Merchandising
(719) 393-3729
2910 N. Powers Blvd. #239
Colorado Springs, CO
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Agee Interior Design Llc
(719) 633-3575
2510 Parkview Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO

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Soil Free Plants, Inc
(719) 232-5325
10 Western
Colorado Springs, CO
Interior Plantscaping - Front range Colorado
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Plant sales, plant rentals, maintenance, event, tent and holiday deco
Kathy Weyant
Soil Free Plants, Inc
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C. Allen Interiors, Inc.
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5555 Erindale Drive
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Jodi's Interiors, LLC
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6613 Dublin Loop W
Colorado Springs, CO
Lucy Butcher
(719) 638-4395
PO Box 25175
Colorado Springs, CO
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Senger Design Group
(719) 522-1520
523 S Cascade Ave Ste B
Colorado Springs, CO

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KM Designs, LLC
(719) 232-0502
1900 Stardust Drive
Colorado Springs, CO
Trowbridge Interiors
(719) 277-8399
5602 Saddle Rock Rd
Colorado Springs, CO

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Rug Exchange
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1133 South Platte River Drive
Denver, CO

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Home Remodeling Tip: Dining Room Design

Decorating a Dining Room

home remodeling articles and tips

topic: dining room
by Alayna Buckner

Delicious Dining rooms

A nice, inviting eating space can encourage you and your family to make the time to sit down for a good meal together. The Dining room table can make or break a dining room's style. Historically, The Dining room table was a beautifully carved wooden table, but modern designers are playing with materials such as glass, wire and molded plastic--and making them stand out.

Room to Grow

Formal dining rooms have always had formal table, usually with inserts to extend the table's length for larger dinner parties. A newer trend in dining room style, however, is for tables of all sizes to have inserts. A two-person table grows to fit six or more. A six-person table grows to twelve. And where yesterday's designers have often wanted these inserts to match the rest of the table precisely, some of tomorrow's designers are setting this special piece apart as its own artistic contribution.

Play Mix and Match

Instead of the full dining room set where the chairs match the table, and both match a side credenza, designers are playing mix and match, not only with the furniture, but also with the chairs themselves. Today, a similar color palette might be the only thing tying together 6 distinct chairs.
Whether you use your dining room table twice a year at major holidays, or come together every night to eat, your dining room ...

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