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Home Interior Remodeling Port Angeles WA

Looking for Home Interior Remodeling in Port Angeles? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Port Angeles that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Home Interior Remodeling in Port Angeles.

Sears Home Services
Port Angeles, WA

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Down To Earth Landscaping
(360) 457-8556
306 South Valley Street
Port Angeles, WA
Olympic Lawn & Garden Limited
(360) 457-9878
1030 West 7th Street
Port Angeles, WA
Freshwater Bay Nursery & Landscape
(360) 928-3572
276 Freshwater Park
Port Angeles, WA
Port Angeles Power Equipment
(360) 452-4652
2640 E Highway 101
Port Angeles, WA
Blake Sand & Gravel Inc
(360) 457-3371
4001 Tumwater Truck Route
Port Angeles, WA
Mr Everything Home Improvement CO
(360) 452-9458
1901 West 5th Street
Port Angeles, WA
Gibson Design Group
(360) 457-9523
618 South Peabody Street Suite J
Port Angeles, WA
Rainbow Sweepers
(360) 452-1621
Po Box 231
Port Angeles, WA
Darlings Bob and Delores Tractor Service
(360) 457-0369
447 Draper Road
Port Angeles, WA
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7 Quick & Inexpensive Home Interior Updates

Written by Matthew C. Keegan  //  2012/02/16  //  News Releases  //  No comments


Updates that can handled in one afternoon or over a long weekend.

Last week, we shared with our readers 7 Quick & Inexpensive Home Exterior Updates . This week, we’re stepping inside and will focus on tips related to your kitchen and bathrooms, two of the most important areas in the home buyers consider when shopping for a home.

1. Add a new kitchen work station — The expression “there is only room for one cook in a kitchen” does not hold true in all households. For some families, both husbands and wives like to share in meal preparation, with each person needing a dedicated work station. Consider setting up a second station by extending a counter or adding in a free-standing island.

2. Build a kitchen pantry — You may not have enough room to store all of your food, but you have a closet that can be repurposed to do the work. If so, then convert that closet into a pantry. Add shelves, lighting and flooring as needed. You may need to run HVAC too if you need a temperature controlled room.

3. Replace your kitchen’s flooring — Flooring can get expensive, but an alternative to wood flooring is laminate. Or, if you have existing wood flooring, then have it refinished. Go with a different color to update the kitchen.

4. Update your appliances — Replacing your stove, dishwasher and refrigerator may seem price prohibitive, but the savings you’ll gain by choosing energy efficient appliances can help defray some of that cost. Buying all three at once gives you room to negotiate with merchants.

5. Install a skylight — A strategically placed skylight can open up any room including a bathroom. Choose a vented skylight to increase air circulation. Choose opaque glass if privacy is a concern for you.

6. Modernize your fixtures — Short of an expensive overall for t...

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