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Home Inspections Niles MI

Home inspections vary from state to state, and most home inspectors are not licensed, but in general, they all must report on serious problems, such as: health and safety issues, roofs with a short life expectancy, furnace or A/C malfunctions, foundation deficiencies, and moisture / drainage issues. Check below for listings and information concerning home inspections.

Thomas Roberts
(800) 906-8326
PO Box 1086
Niles, MI
T.A. Roberts
Membership Organizations
American Society of Home Inspectors

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Scott Bennett
WIN Home Inspection South Bend
(574) 968-7376
South Bend, IN
Member Organizations

John W. Hatfield
Certified Home Inspections of Northern Indiana, LLC
(574) 231-5000
South Bend, IN
Member Organizations

(574) 273-0889
Home PRO Inspectors Inc
(574) 288-4515
4023 Bonfield Pl
South Bend, IN
Thomas Feehan
(574) 217-1844
52105 Woodridge Drive
South Bend, IN
The Feehan Corporation
Membership Organizations
American Society of Home Inspectors

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Paul A. Barrett, CRI
PLC Enterprises, Inc.
(269) 473-5080
Berrien Springs, MI
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James D. Johnson
Michiana Home Inspections
(574) 651-1814
Osceola, IN
Member Organizations

Confident Home
(574) 217-8961
52448 Filbert Rd
Granger, IN
Whole home, radon,septic,well,termite

DonVila Services
(574) 210-7237
60648 Lilac Rd.
South Bend, IN
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Completing a Home Inspection

Home Inspection of
Remodeling Projects

home remodeling articles and tips

topic: home inspection
by Debbie Abrams Kaplan

Why Home Inspections are Important

Remodeling your home takes not only time, but money – often a lot of it. And there is nothing worse than finishing the project only to find out later, after the money has been paid to the contractor, that your home has problems that could have been caught by a home inspector.

Inspectors are trained to evaluate structural components, roofing, plumbing, electrical systems, heating and air conditioning, insulation, ventilation and interior/exterior components. Some inspectors are also contractors, giving them additional knowledge and experience.

Before even starting your home renovation project, make sure the contract allows you a clean report from a professional home inspector, before your final payment is due to the contractor. Any licensed contractor should be proud to stand behind his work, and you should be wary of a contractor who doesn’t agree to this term. After all, having a house inspection doesn’t only protect you – it protects the contractor from surprises down the road. At completion you’ll be sure the project was done right, and the contractor will have an outside opinion that the work got the stamp of approval from another professional.

Hiring a professional home inspector usually costs a few hundred dollars, but might save you thousands in head...

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