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Home Exterior Remodeling Blytheville AR

Looking for Home Exterior Remodeling in Blytheville? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Blytheville that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Home Exterior Remodeling in Blytheville.

Sears Home Services
302 N 6TH ST
Blytheville, AR

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Sears Roebuck and CO - Retail Store-Authorized Dealer- Blytheville-Authorized Retail Dealer S
(870) 763-1600
302 North 6th Street
Blytheville, AR
Redden Services Lawn and Tree Spray
(870) 532-9100
1606 East County Road 54
Blytheville, AR
Craftons Tree Sevice
(870) 762-1496
326 South Division Street
Blytheville, AR
Bill Fountain Plumbing CO
(870) 563-5815
595 West Keiser Avenue
Osceola, AR
Holt Lawn Service Inc
(870) 763-5279
1104 Country Club Road
Blytheville, AR
Hardy Sales & Service
(870) 763-6978
808 South Division Street
Blytheville, AR
Red Barn Gardens
(870) 763-6510
1217 South Division Street
Blytheville, AR
C & C Irrigation
(870) 563-5100
2690 West Keiser
Osceola, AR
Spence Irrigation
(573) 738-2296
13547 State Highway T
Senath, MO
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7 Quick & Inexpensive Home Exterior Updates

Written by Matthew C. Keegan  //  2012/02/09  //  Exterior Home  //  No comments


Give your home some sparkle this weekend.

Does your house give you the blahs when you look at it from the outside? Short of a pricey renovation, you can do some things to help step up your home’s visual appeal, projects that can be done in an afternoon or over a long weekend. Add some sparkle to your home to give it a lift, sending your blahs packing!

1. Paint the mailbox — Homes with rural or curbside mailboxes can add some pizzazz by painting the post and wrapping the mailbox. Add a neutral color to the post or one that matches the exterior of your home. Mailbox wraps can be changed seasonally and include a festive look such as an American flag, a whimsical children’s character layout or take on a Christmas look around the holidays.

2. Add window cladding — Windows can be updated quickly by adding aluminum cladding on window frames. Cladding is a low-maintenance enhancement, one that comes in various colors. If your home needs to “pop” then cladding can help get it done.

3. Change the lighting — Old light fixtures can look fine, but if those fixtures were trendy, then the appeal may have long past by. Replace your front entrance lighting with new fixtures. While you’re at it, change door knockers, house numbers and put down a new welcome mat.

4. Paint the front door — A white door may be fine, but it can be so commonplace. Why not rip a page out of the “doors of Dublin” playbook (see second reference) to design a look that can transform your home? You don’t have to replace the door in its entirety, but consider doing so if your door is worn or outdated.

5. Add or replace shutters — Shutters add visual appeal to any home and can contrast windows, siding or both. Old shutters can detract from your home; new shutters can give your home a fresh look. Choose easy maintenance shutters made from fiberglass or PVC.

6. Stain your concrete — Take that blah-looking front patio or walkway and mix in some color. Whoever said that walkways must be white? There is much preparation to be done to give your concrete a new look and you’ll need to apply a sealant. That means you may need to take several days or a pair of weekends to give your concrete a fresh look.

7. Plant flowers — Perhaps all that is needed to give your home a...

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