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Heating & Cooling Repair Dawsonville GA

Heating and cooling units are hardworking, durable machinery, but still need regular maintenance and even repairs from time to time. Always enlist the help of a professional for any heating or cooling repairs, as they deal with delicate and sometimes dangerous equipment. Check below for heating and cooling repair listings and information.

Indoor Comfort Solutions
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Hansard Heating & Cooling
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2310 Old Alpharetta Rd
Cumming, GA

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AirSystems Mechanical LLC
(770) 660-0546
3939 LaVista Rd
Tucker , GA
Premier Indoor Comfort Systems
(770) 345-9707
1500 Airport Dr
Ball Ground , GA
Lovell Htg & Air Services Inc
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2062 Riverwood Dr
Gainesville , GA
Dawson Heat n Air
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174 Stacie Ln Dawsonville
Dawsonville, GA
David Cheek HVAC
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1481 Buford Hwy
Cumming , GA
Airotron Inc
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6525 Smith Cove Way
Cumming , GA
Air Conditioning Systems LLC
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4619 Smithson Blvd Ste A
Oakwood , GA
HVAC Cleaning Technologies
(770) 889-9694
3480 Rollins Rd
Cumming, GA
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How Best to Heat and Cool Your Home

Energy Efficiency a Hot Seller
for Furnaces, Air Conditioners

home remodeling articles and tips

topic: home heating and cooling
by Allison B

Keeping Your Home "Just Right"

Heating and cooling systems --also called HVAC systems--have come a long way in recent years. Advances in HVAC system design have produced many furnaces, air conditioners and humidifiers that can save energy and improve air quality. These advances can help lower energy bills and create a more comfortable environment.

Advanced Energy Efficiency

If you're looking to replace a furnace or other HVAC systems, look for one with a high efficiency rating. Many furnaces have energy efficiency ratings of 92 to 94 percent, a far cry from the 78 to 80 percent efficiency models common 10 years ago.  There also are furnaces with advanced HVAC controls, such as built in humidifiers and air cleaners to improve the air moving through the home.

Many of these products fall under the government's Energy Star rating system, meaning they meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency. Energy Star air conditioners, for example, can help reduce energy costs by 30 percent when compared with models used 10 to 15 years ago.

The Importance of Air Flow

As you shop for HVAC systems, also pay attention to how duct work is connected, as any leaks in the ducts can affect the air moving through the system. Also consider any home repairs that can help boost energy efficiency--caulking, ...

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