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Driveway Repair Huntsville AL

Small cracks and chinks in a driveway can easily become crevices and potholes if not fixed and patched promptly. If small enough, the job is a relatively easy fix, but consult a professional for any major driveway repair. Check the listings and information below to find more on driveway repair.

Southern Sealing & Striping
(256) 881-8337
4323 Spartacus Dr Sw
Huntsville, AL
Apac-Southeast Inc-Alabama Division
(256) 883-4900
3242 Leeman Ferry Rd Sw
Huntsville, AL
Evans Striping & Sealing
(256) 837-4466
517 Jeffery Dr Nw
Huntsville, AL
Advance Asphalt
(256) 783-0175
Huntsville, AL
Ace Paving & Concrete
(256) 851-0883
2211 Mastin Lake Rd Nw
Huntsville, AL
Reed Contracting
(256) 533-0505
2101 Govenors Drive
Huntsville, AL
Reed Contracting Services Inc
(256) 650-1234
4704 Union Grove Rd
Huntsville, AL
Hawkins Asphalt Sealcoaters
(256) 852-8282
435-B Blake Bottom Road
Huntsville, AL
Reed Contracting Services Llc
(256) 859-3211
187 Nick Fitcheard Rd Nw
Huntsville, AL
Apac-Southeast Inc-Alabama Division
(256) 883-4107
Stringfield Rd Nw
Huntsville, AL

Home Remodeling Tip: Driveway Repair

Driveway Repair

home remodeling articles and tips

topic: exterior walkways
by Allison B.


Keeping Your Driveway In-Shape

Your driveway is an important part of your real estate holdings, as it aids in yard drainage and gives your cars and feet a solid base of support. Driveways do require periodic maintenance, however, to ensure they will be around for many years. Here's what to consider as you evaluate your driveway and think about driveway repair.

Asphalt is one of the most common driveway materials, as it is attractive, relatively easy to install and economical. Asphalt can wear thin over time, so it is important to do a little driveway repair each year. In the spring or fall, walk along the driveway and look for cracks or chips.

It is important to clean an asphalt driveway thoroughly, using a push-broom and soap-and-water solution in any area where there has been a driveway repair. Try using laundry detergent and a stiff-bristle brush. If engine oil has leaked onto the driveway, use a special cleaner just for that.

To fill a driveway crack, patch it with a caulk-like compound that is available at many home improvement stores. Just add a bead of the compound into the crack and smooth it out with a putty knife.

These types of driveway repair issues can arise from age, wear and tear or improper site preparation or installation. Regardless the cause, it pays to stay on top of small driveway repairs before they become big problems...

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