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Installing Your Closet or Storage Space

Installing Your Own Closet
or Storage System

home remodeling articles and tips

by Laurel Rapp

As homeowners, we are always trying to improve the quality of our home. Either through updates, renovations, or a complete overhaul, we are just trying to make our living space that much better.

For those that have not yet stepped into the world of "do-it-yourself" projects, do not feel intimated by the size or unfamiliarity of some home projects. Remember you are improving and adding value to your home.

Most homeowners are in a constant need of storage space. The longer you stay in a house, the more stuff seems to accumulate, from extra pieces of dinnerware to extra holiday decorations. More and more items take up more and more space. What's the solution? Designing and installing your own closet or storage system. Believe me, it is not as difficult as it may sound. As I always say, if I can do it, anybody can do it!

Looking at my master closet and seeing how much space was not actually being used, I decided we needed to have a closet system in order to maximize and utilize the space of the closet. Originally, we had a wire rack that ran the perimeter of the closet. There was nothing above or below this wire rack, just empty space.

We needed a plan, but where do I even start? I began by researching various storage systems online. There were so many choices - from closet companies that can custom design whatever you need, to more basic wire rack storage systems. I wanted something that would add value to our house and for a closet system to be an extension of my bedroom. Essentially, I was looking for a system that was functioning, yet appealing to the eye.

After comparing and contrasting many different options, I decided that I would use the products and designs from a company called Closet Maid. They have multiple products to choose from and you can customize your closet system by deciding which products would suite your needs best. What I found extremely helpful on their site, is their virtual storage planner. Here you can insert your room's measurements and see if the products you selected from their line would fit in the needed area. Since my closet was deep, but yet short across, this tool came in handy. After I virtually planned my closet, I knew which parts and products I needed to complete this do-it-yourself project. It was even possible to print out the list of everything I needed to pick up at local Closet maid retailer. It was that simple!

Now that I had the plan, products and parts, I needed to prepare the room. After taking down the previous wire rack, I needed to patch and spackle the walls. Afterwards, I painted the closet. Next, following the easy-to-read instructions and my custom design, I began building my closet storage system. It did not take anytime at all to assemble, and there was no guess work as to where each shelf or each drawer was going to be placed. This project took about one weeke...

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