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Basement Renovation Muscle Shoals AL

Looking for Basement Renovation in Muscle Shoals? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Muscle Shoals that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Basement Renovation in Muscle Shoals.

Home Depot,
(256) 764-5037
351 Seville St
Florence, AL
Golden Construction Co
(256) 381-1990
204 Industrial Dr
Muscle Shoals, AL
Bendall Builders
(256) 381-5046
1810 John R St
Muscle Shoals, AL
A-Rawhide Erection Company Inc
(256) 381-4008
2821 Avalon Ave
Muscle Shoals, AL
Davenport Lendon Builders
(256) 446-9539
140 Sunny Acres
Muscle Shoals, AL
Bigbee Steel Buildings Inc
(256) 383-7322
2705 Avalon Ave
Muscle Shoals, AL
Johnson Contractors
(256) 383-0313
3635 2nd St
Muscle Shoals, AL
Andy Riley Contracting
(256) 381-1179
2400 S Wilson Dam Rd
Muscle Shoals, AL
King & Associates General Contractors Inc
(256) 386-0422
601 Pasadena Ave
Muscle Shoals, AL
Eaton Robert Builders
(256) 381-4663
1408 E 6th St
Muscle Shoals, AL

Top Basement Renovation Ideas

Written by Matthew C. Keegan  //  2011/11/10  //  Basement  //  No comments


Making the most of unused living space.

If you have an unused basement in your home and are looking to turn it into desired living space, you can add a ceiling, install flooring and put up interior walls to create a personal sanctuary. However, before you begin you’ll want to ensure that your basement is water tight, has sufficient lighting and climate control, and complies with local building controls. You’ll also want to determine what you’ll use your newly renovated space for, a decision that will greatly impact what you’ll pay for a renovation and what sort of returns you can expect on your investment.

Rental Apartment — If you live in a city, basement apartments are an affordable rental option for young professionals looking for a place to stay without expending large sums of money on an above ground apartment. If your basement has a separate entrance, then it is prime consideration for conversion into a rental unit. You’ll need to run plumbing and electrical lines to put in a kitchen and bath, and to handle computer and other equipment. If space is limited, consider creating a studio apartment with sleeping, eating and living areas separated by partial walls. Install a 3/4 bath if your bathroom area cannot be large enough to support a tub. Check out to get ideas on how much you can charge in rent each month. Also, check references carefully and obtain a potential tenant’s credit report.

Recreation Room — One of the most popular uses for a finished basement is to make it into a recreation room. It can also be the most cost effective as you can put down linoleum, outdoor carpeting and hang a simple ceiling without going to a great expense. Put in your old furniture, some floor lamps and book shelves. Install game boards, a pool table or even a bar. Bring down that widescreen television that sits in your family room to create the ideal “man cave.” Turn it into a “teen room” for your youngsters who want a place to hang out with their friends or play with their tablets.

Wine Cellar — Why finish off your basement completely when you can use it for a wine cellar? Certainly, you’ll still want to have an area that is distinctive with plenty of visual interest and providing guest attraction, but a wine cellar section alone should have its dedicated storage area with floor, walls and ceilings. In addition, it needs to be properly cooled, probably requiring a separate refrigeration unit. If the costs to construct such a room is prohibitive, then a wine cabinet may suffice. Build your own kits start at just above $1,000 and are of mahogany construction and include refrigeration. Store 160 to 350 bottles or more. Need room for more bottles? Double or triple your cabinets!

Storage Space — Maybe you don’t need an additional living area, but are in need of more sto...

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