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Affordable Home Renovations Mount Pleasant MI

Looking for Affordable Home Renovations in Mount Pleasant? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Mount Pleasant that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Affordable Home Renovations in Mount Pleasant.

Sears Home Services
Mount Pleasant, MI

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Thielen Turf Irrigation Inc
(989) 773-3409
600 Industrial Avenue
Mount Pleasant, MI
Barton Builders & Lawn Care Inc
(989) 772-7736
1301 South Lynnwood Drive
Mount Pleasant, MI
Neat & Green Lawn Care
(989) 772-2094
134 S Frankland St
Mount Pleasant, MI
Rowe Incorporated
(989) 772-2138
127 South Main Street
Mount Pleasant, MI
Sears Home Services
Alma, MI

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Green Scene Landscaping
(989) 772-0430
954 East Remus Road
Mount Pleasant, MI
Sundberg Landscaping Inc
(989) 772-0643
2266 Enterprise Drive
Mount Pleasant, MI
All Seasons Lawn Care
(989) 779-1883
1608 North Fancher Street
Mount Pleasant, MI
Higgins & Associates
(989) 772-8853
611 South Mission Road
Mount Pleasant, MI
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Big Ways to Save on Home Renovations

Written by Ann Martin  //  2012/03/02  //  Home Renovation  //  No comments


Is the idea of a complete home transformation lurking in the back of your mind? Are you constantly looking around in each and every room to see what updates or changes you can make? If so, there are ways which you can save big money on home renovations. Here are a few tips on how to save money and still make the home improvements you want.

Gift Cards

Let friends and family know that you have big plans to update your home. So, when it comes around to your birthday or a special holiday, they may be more inclined to present you with a gift card from a home improvement store. Don’t want to wait for a gift card? Buy discounted gift cards online. There are few websites on the internet that sell unused gift cards at a substantial discount. These websites purchase the gift cards from individuals that do not wish to use them and sell them to others that may want them at discounted price. It is a win, win situation for all. Depending on the website, unused gift cards may be available for: home improvement stores, home furnishings and even home decoration stores. Score big by purchasing gift cards at less than the face value.

Shop at the End of the Season

Many home improvement stores drop their prices on many items at the end of the season. They need to make room for what is coming in next. For example, towards the end of the fall season, riding mowers, lawn trimmers, and leaf blowers will be discounted in order to move that type of merchandise out so that shovels, snow blowers and other winter products can displayed on the store floor. Think about what you may need for the following year and shop at the end of the season.

Check Clearance Corners

Over time, companies tend to discontinue some their products or models because they were not popular with the public and did not sell. Or, the companies made slight improvements on an older model and are doing away with the previous model line completely. When this happens, stores are notified and end up placing the products on clearance. If this is the case, you as the consumer can save a lot of money! Most stores tend to “hide” their clearance merchandise. Be sure to check the back and corners of the store, as this is where clearance items can be found.

Returns and Opened Packages

Costumers sometimes return products due to a variety of reasons. This is another ...

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