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Affordable Dining Room Furniture Highland Park IL

Looking for Affordable Dining Room Furniture in Highland Park? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Highland Park that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Affordable Dining Room Furniture in Highland Park.

Dal Ponte Interiors
(847) 433-0796
1300 Old Skokie Rd
Highland Park, IL
Atlas Refinishing Service Company
(847) 831-4170
1875 Cavell Ave
Highland Park, IL
McFaul Upholster
(847) 272-3273
1623 Techny Rd
Northbrook, IL
M C Design
(847) 729-5940
2026 Lehigh Ave
Glenview, IL
Marshall Koral's Professional Fu
(847) 998-1355
3148 W Lake Ave Ste A
Glenview, IL
Bernstein Marvin
(847) 831-3800
1510 Old Deerfield Rd
Highland Park, IL
Guardsman Wood Pro
(847) 559-1417
1940 Raymond Dr
Northbrook, IL
Cisneros A Henry Upholstery
(847) 446-0737
566 Green Bay Rd
Winnetka, IL
Renu Onsite Inc
(847) 724-2798
1965 N Lake Ter
Glenview, IL
Jean Jacques Bernard Woodworking & F
(847) 482-9332
855 Skokie Valley Rd
Lake Bluff, IL

How to Find Affordable Dining Room Furniture

Written by Matthew C. Keegan  //  2012/01/17  //  Kitchen and Dining  //  No comments

Outfitting your dining room without going broke.

The expression, “you get what you paid for” certainly describes dining room furniture. You can choose complete sets that include a table, six or more chairs, a server and a china closet, made of the finest cherry woods and outfitted with custom fabrics. Or you can choose the knock off pieces that place wood veneer over particle wood.

Dining Rooms

Perhaps the unspoken question here is this one: who uses dining rooms anyway? Yes, it is true: dining rooms are fading away as both husband and wife work and kids are busy with their after school activities. When families eat together it is on weekends and that meal involves eating out.

Not every homeowner has abandoned the dining room. Some families are still headed by one wage earner or one of the parents works from home. Dining time together is important and it isn’t reserved just for major holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you’re looking for affordable dining room furniture you have several options including the following:

Furniture stores — Yes, furniture stores still exist and not everything is built in China and shipped here. In any case such stores know that the popularity of dining room furniture has waned in recent years and that customers who do buy want quality furniture without paying full price. Scan the ads for your local furniture store and make your purchase when the big sales are held. January and again in July are typically the best times to buy furniture.

Discount outlets — If you don’t mind hit or miss shopping, then local outlet or discount stores can be good places to shop for furniture. These stores get stock in as it is offered to them. This means your local “lots” store may buy up what a furniture maker or retailer wasn’t able to sell last season to sell to you this season. Expect to find some slightly damaged pieces, however, something you’ll fix or learn to live with.

Estate sales — Buying used furniture may be the farthest thing from your mind, but it can be an afforable and good investment. Figure that with an estate sale, the owner had her set for several decades, perhaps the furniture was handed down to her by her mother or grandmother. If antique furniture appeals to you, then you could find a ...

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